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Our second shoot for the semester was with Caley Conway and the Lucy Cukes at their EP release party at Linnemans. Since it was our second shoot, our first time jitters were gone and replaced with a bit more confidence. We were better at communicating with each other which was very useful considering that this venue was bigger than the last. We were also more experienced, allowing us to set up quicker and more efficiently.

The band and their friends set up a lot of light-up balloons which looked amazing when all the lights were dimmed. As the night went on, the place became more packed, but not uncomfortably so. People were swaying to the melodic tunes the band provided, creating a very mellow atmosphere.

Photo: Soundcheck----

Jim, the owner, was very cooperative with the band’s needs, as well as our own. He altered the lights to our liking, made his own audio recording of the show and assisted in ours. He was also delighted to find out that we wouldn’t be using any tripods since they limit the audience’s movement.

Linneman’s was more spacious than the previous venue we filmed at which made for an easier filming experience. This was our first time using a monopod for the center camera and it was intimidating since we’d never used it before. But once we got used to it, it was relatively simple and only took up a small amount of space. While one person was filming, the other had to block people from bumping into the camera and even blocking the balloons from being thrown in our general direction.


Caley Conway and the Lucy Cukes are a great band, on stage and off. They were very kind and courteous people and did whatever they could to help out our crew. Their sound is folk, soul and eclectic indie rock. The crowd was very invested in their performance, clapping along and chanting for an encore to which the band obliged. They are very driven in regards to their music and we are looking forward to interviewing them in the near future.

 - Brei Harvey

On March 1st, our class filmed the first band of the semester, Vic and Gab, at Club Brady for Cream City Soundcheck.


Vic & Gab were playing as a part of the annual Eastside Music Festival and the place was packed. The club was very small and that became quite the challenge when it was time to film, but that’s a part of documentary filmmaking; you don’t always have control over your environment no matter how much you try.

For example, there were issues with tall audience members and people who paid money to enjoy good music and were not too concerned with our filming. Despite our warnings and the fact that we were holding cameras, people still bumped into us which affected our footage, but we were delighted to find that despite those moments, our footage still turned out fine for the most part. We also had to find out which angles would be the best to shoot in a limited amount of space. It was quite the learning experience, but as hectic as it was at times, we were grateful to have done it. It has definitely prepared us for our next shoot. image

Most of the patrons and all the employees at the bar were very charitable, helped us when they could and were understanding about what we were trying to accomplish. Also, having a badge amongst wrist bracelets gave us a sense of importance which helped with any pre-show jitters we might have had.


Vic and Gab had an amazing set and even debuted a new song they have yet to name. They have fantastic energy and are great musicians. Their sound is a sort of mellow, melancholy pop rock. They seem to vibe off of the crowd while maintaining this alluring aloofness about them in their stage presence.


They seemed to be a very charming band and we look forward to getting to know them better when we film them for their upcoming band adventure!

-Brei Harvey


It’s finally here!

Check out Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr rocking out at Turner Hall and showing their love for basketball at the Milwaukee Bucks Practice Facility. 

Linneman’s is helping @thefattyacids start their summer tour off right! (at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn)

@trapperschoepp & @imnotapilot playin’ back to back! #bradystfest (at Brady St Festival)

Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing @thefattyacids play outside on a nice summer night? (at River Rhythms)

A great night for #PaulCebar Tomorrow Sound at Chill on the Hill! #mkemusic (at Chill on the Hill)


Gregory Bishop loves making films, hanging with friends, traveling the world and delving into new life experiences. He is currently a film student, pursuing a career as a film producer.

Favorite Documentaries
-The Vice Guide to North Korea
-Wisconsin Death Trip
-This Film Is Not Yet Rated
-The Cove
-Exit Through the Gift 

Favorite Bands
-Akira Yamaoka
-Syd Barrett
-The Flaming Lips
-The Misfits
-Depeche Mode
-Bob Dylan

Favorite Concert Experiences
-Roger Waters: The Wall
-Dropkick Murphy’s
-Dan Deacon
-The Flaming Lips

Favorite Milwaukee Places
-Veterans Park
-Von Triers
-Landmark Lanes
-Milwaukee Public Museum
-The Marquette Pier
-Bay View

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Joe Lindner is spontaneous and imaginative small town boy. After graduating from Edgerton High School in 2011, He pursued his Film Degree at UW-Milwaukee. He enjoys playing guitar, writing, making short films and hanging out with friends.

Favorite Documentaries
-Super Size Me
-Roger & Me
-Life after People
-Walking with Dinosaurs 
-Walking with Monsters 
-Walking with Beasts

Favorite Bands
-Red Hot Chili Peppers
-Panic! at the Disco
-The Beatles 
-Owl City 
-The Fray
-Florence and the Machine

Favorite Concert Experiences
-Panic! at the Disco 
-The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Light Show
-Neon Trees
-All-Time Low

Favorite Milwaukee Places
-Bradford Beach
-Milwaukee Public Market
-Milwaukee Public Museum 
-Oriental Theater
-Bayshore Town Center

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Skyler Kroschel grew up in Afton, Minnesota on a hobby farm with four siblings.  She went to a large high school in Stillwater, MN, where she discovered her love for filmmaking.  She enjoys spending time outside, particularly hiking, running, and exploring.  She also enjoys playing frisbee, making collages, and shooting 16mm film.  She has a pet tortoise named Georgia who is like a daughter to her.  After attending Winona State University for her first year of college, she chose to transfer to UW-Milwaukee to pursue a degree in film and a minor in International Studies.  She hopes to join the Peace Corps one day and bring a camera to document her adventure.

Favorite Documentaries
-An Inconvenient Truth
-Drugs Inc.
-Food Inc.
-Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup
-March of the Penguins
-Planet Earth

Favorite Bands
-Bon Iver
-Blink 182
-Modest Mouse

Favorite Concert Experiences
-Ellis Delaney
-Blink 182
-Panic! At the Disco
-Fall Out Boy
-After the Burial
-Dan Rodriguez

Favorite Milwaukee Places
-The lakeside
-On paths down by the river
-The lookout at the Milwaukee Art Museum
-Harry’s Bar and Grille
-Alterra by the lake
-Seven Bridges/Grant Park

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